Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Lumeris is the Future of Healthcare

It can be said that what makes Lumeris different from most other companies is its vision. Lumeris provides a crucial service in today's changing healthcare landscape. As a long-term operating partner for healthcare organizations as they transition from the old volume-based model of healthcare to the new world of value-based care, Lumeris makes providers better at delivering the best possible health outcomes, which is essential for receiving the most financial benefit. Lumeris offers the most comprehensive services in the industry, to help manage all types of health systems, provider alliances and payers.

Because the market is changing rapidly, it's necessary for providers deliver healthcare that brings the best results at the same time they increase efficiency. The same is true of payers; with healthcare reform, it is necessary for everyone in the system to do a lot more than see and treat an ever-growing number of patients; it's also necessary for patients to come out of the doctor's office healthier than when they went in.

To accomplish that, Lumeris believes that all elements of the system must work together seamlessly. With the operational support, technology, and consulting services provided by Lumeris, including the Lumeris Collaborative Model, this approach manages to produce huge cost reductions, sometimes as much as 30 percent, by shifting focus to preventive care, as by eliminating inefficient and/or unnecessary care.

Lumeris has worked with organizations at every level of the healthcare system, providing them with systems and technology to make them better at their business. They have created technology that throws out the old-fashioned systems, in which some organizations had to lose for others to win, and replaced them with systems in which everyone cooperates and shares responsibility and increases the focus on outcomes. Lumeris encourages all parties to share data and outcomes, which improves healthcare in a way that makes everyone a winner.